Sunday, June 24, 2007

Lord Brahma was a bad software engineer...

Lord Brahma was probably the first system architect… Much before anyone of us could imagine. He has designed this wonderful system called the “HUMAN BEING”. But well, he seems to have gone all wrong in the implementation of the same (of course there are a few exceptions to the rule)… Whether the timelines were restricted or he did not get enough support from his team-mates (Vishnu, Shiva etc.) is still a question mark… But Brahma’s appraisal rating has to be on the lowest 25% of the band because of the highly flawed system he has constructed… The following were some of the flaws identified in the system…

  • System has no input check – Accepts any crap as input
  • Whatever input it takes, the output is crap
  • System gives unforeseen reactions when it interfaces with other dissimilar systems (namely the other sex)
  • Despite extensive testing for many situations, system breaks down at the most crucial of times
  • There is no documentation of the logic to explain why system acts the way it does in many situations
  • When there are exceptions the system cannot handle properly, it makes a loud screeching noise
  • System runs fine and at full productivity only when called by the wife program
  • Some other times the system runs fine but is of typically no use to anyone other than itself
  • Ongoing maintenance and support of the system is very expensive, specially when the system gets old
  • Despite little use, the system has been designed without any useful upgrades or patches to last a very long lifetime

The manager has invited everyone else to contribute any more flaws in the comments section…

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