Friday, February 11, 2011

10 things you should stop doing on Facebook

Now that everyone and their grandfather is on Facebook, you should stop doing the following things on this social network. Only because they have been used, misused and overused to death. Here's the list...
  1. The 'Dfghsjfldjf' status message - For God's sake, lock your phone. Or stop giving it to your kid.
  2. 'Go Knicks!' - You American sport aspirational fanatic who needs to desperately shed the 'desi' image, stop bothering the common man cricket fans.
  3. '#fb' at the end of your status - Hello Twitter folks! Lazy bums. Can't you use Twitter and FB for different things please?
  4. 'Copy paste this to show your...' - We know beyond that, you never did anything for that cause. (A variation of this is the paranoia message saying Facebook has changed some privacy setting and confusing the heck out of people)
  5. Talking about your FB usage - Do you ever go to office and tell folks around you 'I am not working enough'? Same with FB, you don't have to put a status saying you are not using FB as much as you used to.
  6. Liking your own comment - Losers! An alternate ploy is to pay someone else to do this if no one else genuinely wants to like your comments (Another version of this is plugging in your own blog, which will certainly happen for this one too)
  7. Use that friend finder - Everyone who bothers about you or you bother came into FB donkey's years ago.
  8. Tagging a million arbit ppl in a photo - Just because you want everyone to look at that photo, which has you and your dog probably, don't go on into one tagging spree.
  9. Putting your baby photo as your display pic - That display pic is also for your friends to quickly scan the feed and check updates. We can't differentiate between one baby and another. You have an infinite-capacity photo album waiting to put your baby photos.
  10. Complete albums with no captions - For this one reason, 'Select All' should be banned. You get to see 5 versions of every single photo - each having different exposures of your teeth. And worst of all, absolutely no context to any image.
Any more such trends, please leave it on the comments!
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