Tuesday, August 16, 2011

30 Things you should know about a Tamil Wedding Reception

  1. One amongst the couple is a foreign-settled expat that has come to India to tie the knot.
  2. The match has been made courtesy bharatmatrimony.com or better still, tamilmatrimony.com. If not, the guy saw the girl at some religious function at home.
  3. The wedding is scheduled a few days before the start of the ‘no-good thing can be done’ Margazhi month.
  4. The gift you should buy is one amongst a million clocks at the nearest gift shop or a coupon from any Lifestyle.
  5. If you are confused between wearing a formal dress and a traditional South Indian one, always choose a kurta-jeans combo! The groom will probably be wearing a glossier version of the same. Or a Raymond's suit.
  6. Don’t drive past the reception hall if you see different names outside. South Indians have more name aliases than the number of fake IDs you had during chat-room and Orkut days.
  7. Chennai autos usually charge triple the regular fare. For reception hall areas, it goes up to multiples of 5. So taking the car is a better option.
  8. The car park will have 1/10th the size that is actually required to hold the crowd. People who think they are clever by coming in late always end up having to park the car a few streets away.
  9. The invitees typically include family, friends, friends of family, family of friends, random maamas and maamis and so on and so forth.
  10. You should neither land up too early (as you might be asked to do some work) nor too late (it might be too obvious that you have just come for the food)
  11. The bride and groom will always land up 45 minutes after the time that is printed on the invitation. If you want to one-up them, land 1 hour later.
  12. The practice of giving some sugar candy and sprinkling rose water is passé. Don’t be perturbed about abandoned front benches with the designated folks munching some bhelpuri in a corner.
  13. If you have a sweet tooth, it is a good time to stuff it in. Use the sugar at the front-bench to good effect.
  14. You could also steal the rose water sprinkler from the front-bench and provide some laughs to the gang by sprinkling it on unsuspecting maamas and maamis while you are seated.
  15. You will always end up meeting one maama or maami who will question you about things that you don’t want to answer.
  16. You will occasionally meet a childhood friend that you never cared about at school but have to act as if you were only thinking about them all these years.
  17. You will meet a good looking girl that you once had a crush on, but is now wearing a 9-yard saree to cover the triple-layer fat that she has put on after delivering 3 babies.
  18. While waiting to meet the couple, you will be served one of two juices – pineapple or grape. The only binding factor is the throat ache and/or cold that you have afterwards.
  19. The queue to meet the couple is longer than the one at the American consulate in Chennai.
  20. A good way to beat the queue is to know one of the parents well enough; there will be a lot of elders who flout the queue, don’t let your tempers flare!
  21. When you meet the couple, they will have an artificial smile, and always utter the same two phrases – ‘Thanks for coming’, and ‘Please have food and go’.
  22. ‘Best of Luck’ is an accepted wish. In addition to wishing someone before their exams and Formula-1 races, it can also be mouthed at couples starting their journey into marital bliss.
  23. Prior to meeting the couple, decide on whether you will pose for the photo camera or the video camera – the two people who handle it will fight to their death over who gets your attention.
  24. The live music concert will have a pair of twins singing. Where cost cutting has been employed, you will listen to pre-recorded ‘heavy’ music. There will always be a few elders who feign Carnatic music knowledge parked in the front seats.
  25. If you want first choice of all the buffet items, go in early for the food. The later you get in, the more the number of missing items from the menu.
  26. The buffet will have a panneer gravy dish, Gobi Manchurian dry, bisibele bath, dosa, bhel-puri and ice-cream (over and above a million other cross-country, multi-colored oily dishes). Don’t waste time on the sambhar, rasam, salads etc. that you can get for less than 20 bucks at the restaurant outside the hall. Whatever you eat, curd rice is a must at the end of it all.
  27. There will be a mom holding out an ice-cream for her son as if his life depended on eating it. The son has gotten his hands so messed up with eating the other buffet items. Requesting for a finger bowl at the end of the buffet is not encouraged!
  28. After food, you feel obligated to stay longer to appease your friend. The bride and groom don’t care less. So you can actually leave anytime you want after the food.
  29. While going out, you will need to compulsorily carry back home the useless bag that has one coconut and some betel leaves; if you don’t, you will offend the elders around.
  30. After coming back home, you are within your rights to think that Tamil receptions are the most boring events ever and curse yourself for missing the IPL match…
Any more must-knows, kindly add them in the comments section...
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