Thursday, March 17, 2011

10 signs that you should run away from a restaurant

Have you ever entered a new restaurant in two minds? Whether to risk it and have food there. Or run away at the slightest hint... Here are 10 signs that should force you to do the latter -
  1. Valet parking guys are fighting amongst themselves to take your car; for all you know, they might have to wait many days for the next customer
  2. There is a longer queue to the restroom than to the restaurant
  3. The number of waiters is greater than the number of people eating in the restaurant; also - a few of them are having their own joke after seeing you come in while the others are busy fetching parcels from the opposite restaurant
  4. The perfume smell is awesome; however it is not emanating from the non-bathed rich folks but from the room freshener used to remove the food stink
  5. The ambience is confusing and shady - the walls have too many paintings to cover the cracks, or there are too many coochie-cooing couples with hardly any food in their plates, or the customers look like goondas from a Rajini movie
  6. The phone is continuously ringing but the answerer asks for the person to come the next day, to collect his money
  7. Instead of music, you can hear a soft prayer, from those eating the food
  8. You are confused if the bowl that went past was a soup bowl or a finger bowl
  9. The menu serves both Idli and Chinese Noodles
  10. People are congregating in the center of the table, emptying their wallets, watches and chains to pay the bill
Anything more, add in the comments section!
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