Tuesday, July 28, 2009

If 'Mile Sur Mera Tumhara' were remade today...

Mile Sur Mera Tumhara - This is a song from the 80s Doordarshan that no one from our generation would forget. But to make it relevant to the current school-going generation, there may have to be some changes done to the song. And some things, that just should not change even today. And certainly, there might be some surprise elements too…

5 things that would change
  • The song would start with a white and white clad A R Rahman with long tresses and waving hands
  • Instead of people ploughing their land or going in tractors, people coding in software companies and watching a rocket take off from Sriharikota would be highlighted
  • The Delhi Metro, Virender Sehwag and Gautam Gambhir would replace the Calcutta underground and its host of personalities
  • The next generation of Hindi cinema would take over from their parents or predecessors – the 3 Khans instead of the Amitabh / Mithun / Jeetendra trio, Deepika instead of Prakash Padukone, Kajol instead of Tanuja, and so on.
  • The waving well-lit cell-phone with different color displays would replace the people running in at the end of the song to form our flag

5 things that would NOT change

  • Bollywood and cricket would forever be the passions of our country and act as the anchors for the song
  • The Taj Mahal, Goa beach, Dal Lake, Punjab greens, Thar Desert, The Indian Railways, Elephants in Kerala etc. would continue as the icons of India
  • The traditional serene village lands and people of the North east have hardly changed
  • Kamalhassan, Amitabh Bhachan, etc. may be old but are still gold and would appear in the song even today
  • Lata Mangeshkar would still sing the song

5 things that one would NOT be surprised if were introduced

  • One representative from every political party would find a place in the song, with a specially constructed statue of Mayawati at the start of the song
  • Microsoft & Google chiefs and Barack Obama would do a round of thanks to India for offering to be the source of their company’s and country’s brains
  • A rich suit-clad man and a beggar look at the Bombay Stock Exchange longingly
  • The attire of the stars in the song would use lesser cloth and more skin show than the traditional saree of yesteryears
  • Raakhi Sawant and to-be-husband from the reality show as well as a host of dancing, singing, and doing-anything for fame folks from all the junk reality shows make an appearance in the song
And before signing off, the original song itself...

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Tam Brahms: We are like this wonly - Mind It!

Times are changing. And so is the Tam Brahm race. As the world graduates to Facebook and online dating, Obama and soccer, we are also changing.

At least on the face of it!

Inherently, we won’t! And we can’t… The top 5 indications for this follow…

  1. Façade: We have started naming our kids Amit / Abhishek trying to make their names look more cosmopolitan.
    Fact: For every 1 Amit, there are still 99 names with a Balaji or a Sriram or a Subramaniam (with variations of n or m to end the word!) or Vidya or Ramya…

  2. Façade: We love eating pizzas and butter naans, albeit in Saravana Bhavan!
    Fact: That, and we also still love our puliyodharai from Parthasarathy Swamy Temple, specially standing twice in the queue with a changed outfit to fool the distribution point of contact, or the curd rice from Anjaneya temple (we can bring the aavakkai pickle in our pocket)

  3. Façade: We always seem to determine the raga behind any song, including a Led Zeppelin hard rock number.
    Fact: We feign knowledge of Carnatic music while all we have ever learnt is Violin or Mrudangam during a compulsory 40 minutes-per-week art education class till the 7th Std. in school!

  4. Façade: We have our representations in varied industries including cinema, music, literature, sport etc.
    Fact: We still swear and die by an IIT or BITS engineering degree and an MS from the US! It is another thing that we drop all of it to get into some software job or an MBA!

  5. Façade: We network actively through Orkut and Facebook and find matches through online dating.
    Fact: A lot of the match making happens courtesy our friendly neighbourhood mama and mami in house functions and temple visits! And the groom typically works in the US or has some connection with IT!
Any more, feel free to add to the comments...
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