Monday, April 26, 2010

Daily visit to the toilet versus a trip on a bus

It is remarkable to realize how many similarities our daily visit to the toilet has w.r.t. a trip in a public bus. Having said that, there are also a few things that you need to watch out for to ensure you don’t end up in a soup…

5 things that are SIMILAR
  1. You certainly prefer a vacant seat in both - in fact, you compulsorily need a vacant one in a loo!
  2. You are elated if the same one that you use always is vacant – after all, ‘familiarity breeds comfort’.
  3. A corner spot is the most preferred, you don’t want to feel squeezed between two other folks!
  4. You have good use of the paper in both cases – albeit newspaper in one, and tissue paper in the other.
  5. You almost certainly have something funny to read, including instructions such as ‘Do Not wet Tissue Paper’ or ‘Julie loves Peter and f%#@% someone else’ etc.

5 things that are DIFFERENT

  1. You would want to stay away from the bus if you have ‘motion’ sickness, while you cannot afford to stay away from a toilet then.
  2. You do not want a loo seat with a window view, at least others prefer not to see you!
  3. It is OK if you use a lady’s seat in a bus that is empty, a similar case in a toilet might lead to permanent mental and physical scarring.
  4. You don’t want to be woken up by the cleaners, saying you missed your stop and it is time for them to do their work.
  5. The conductor can afford to kick you out in the middle if you didn’t pay, but no-one wants to have that choice in a toilet.
Any more such in(s)ane observations about this clash of public versus pubic, please mark them out in the comments section!

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