Friday, November 20, 2009

Why Indians get into IT...

A childhood dream of being a pilot,
Never at home and fly a lot they bet.
Wear white and white and be trim and super-fit,
And sit and shit forever in the cockpit...

I then thought of being a doctor,
They wanted something big in barter.
We were poor folks living on rental,
With all the hassles my family would have become mental.

The next thing that amazed me was cricket,
But I was always on a sticky wicket.
I needed to pose for infinite lux ads,
And have affairs with the gals of the other lads.

Glitz and glam made be a wannabe actor,
I was blown away by the deciding factor.
The northies said i needed to be very fair,
While the southies wanted lots of facial hair..

I thought of becoming a government servant,
But being a politician was akin to being a serpent.
Talk a ton of crap and take a lot of money,
Sugarcoat all the junk to the public as honey.

Marketing, finance and HR i gave the pass -
Good looks, cooking your books and acting like crooks were all bakwaas.
So i landed up in IT to sit in the AC and browse and blog,
I proudly proclaim myself part of the industry that India's educated folks hog...

An IT soul...


Arun said...

that a very rhymy po'it'ry... make a rock song out of it!

Rajiv Srivatsa said...

@arun - like pettai rap!!!?

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