Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Arbit Thoughts - What advertisement is it?

Seeing an ad on TV, and understanding what product it is trying to highlight, has become a humongous task. Leave alone the brand recognition, i am talking about the product recognition itself.

It is super hard to distinguish an ad for a soap from that of a shampoo. Invariably, the model has great hair to go with shiny skin.

And to distinguish an ad for a shampoo from a skin cream or moisturizer that can leave you with a bright smiling face. Bright faces apparently need to have shiny hair. And when faces and hair are shining so well, can sparkling teeth be far behind?

The whole face package is inevitably splendidly lustrous for all of the above ads.

One product though that is very easy to guess is the fairness cream. In all cases, the model has deliberately applied charcoal on their face. And over a two-week period, they rub the coal off their face. It is so evident as that is the only way someone could transform their skin color so dramatically within a two-week period.

FMCG companies have a reasonable task to make the consumer understand a value proposition within a 20 second ad. If they can supercharge their head and stop the in-the-face advertising (pun intended), that sure helps a lot of viewers to understand ads better!


Anonymous said...

Well the best ads are those which finish in 5 seconds. I still remember the "A1 cleaning powder" ad, especially with that squeaky voice the lady has.

As to fairness creams, their ads should be declined by the sensor board - it's just grossly misleading and just totally false.

gayatri said...

And another common aspect is that whether its detergents, shampoos, tootpaste, women are always shown - esp. if it relates to cooking & cleaning.

renu said...

well after a bad day n depressed thoughts of the long starry night ahead... i stumbled upon ur blog n a few posts really made me laugh...:)
Thanku....:) u made my day :):):)
(I'm all smileys again...)

Sameer Sarma said...

buddy, send me your mail id pls..

Jeeves said...

@vignesh - false is the right word! @gayatri - true, unfortunately. @renu - my pleasure thx! thats the uber purpose of the blog! :)

Jeeves said...

@sam - i hv mailed u!

Anonymous said...

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