Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Top 10 indications of the recession in your office

  1. Your office toilet has extremely thin or hardly any tissue paper.
  2. On your salary slip, the denomination is in “Paise”. And just to keep you in check now and then, the salary slip is pink in color.
  3. People start disappearing from your office and you are told that they have taken a long sabbatical for various reasons.
  4. Those remaining are asked to share seating space and computers to improve teamwork and bonding.
  5. When their seating time is over, they double up as office boys and security.
  6. Conference rooms are let out on rent
  7. The smell in your office is different. It is the effect of a combo of no air-conditioning, absence of air-spray in the office and absence of deo sprays at your colleagues’ homes.
  8. Food items in the canteen are served in ice-cream bowls, coffee is limited to 1 per person and resembles a tequila shot in size.
  9. Office cabs look similar to those stunt vehicles where 20 are packed inside one Maruti car.
  10. To escape the rot, you log into the top job sites and you are greeted with a perennial message “Site under maintenance”, while the business newspapers start carrying obituary and crossword puzzles instead of the jobs supplement.
Any more such signs, please feel free to add in the comments section!


rads said...

LOL!!! that was hilarious though I shouldn't be laughing but jus couldn't help...God forbid, I hope IT life would never become that....

Anonymous said...

LOL!Laughing at it now but I pray that we dont have to see such days.

Incidentally there is a website called www.angstcorner.com specifically for recession victims.There are a lot of features in this site to help recession victims.Worth a visit!

Jeeves said...

@rads - thx belated though sorry! @anonymous - true, situation hopefully seems to be improving!

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