Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Solve these S/W - real life case studies

You are in an interview to get into your favourite IT services company… Imagine you are thrown these small caselets at you, and asked to respond on how you will tackle such real life scenarios. Do not despair! Since our surrounding environment has so many examples to solve these…

The easier ones…
Case 1: You have planned for a vacation with friends to Goa. Your manager does not sanction your leave – so you call for a strike. However the management has strictly said no to any strike. How can you ensure you get across your point without initiating a strike?

Case 2: You are the technical architect in a large project which has just won an award. In an interview to your internal magazone, you inadvertently say that the project leaders didn’t know or do anything and the team contributed to the success. True as it may be, the managers decide to sack you for this. What do you do to save your face and **s in this case?

Case 3: You were having a nice time as a project leader doing nothing. However, your project is nearing completion and you need to shift into another project, this time however as a resource under someone you don’t like. How would you evade this scenario?

Difficult ones… (Need more innovative thinking)
Case 4: You have been developing a module as part of a reasonably good project. However you feel it is going nowhere. You are attracted to another bigger project and want to latch on to that. How would you do it without injuring your reputation in the eyes of the public?

Case 5: You are an average worker in your company. You realize that salary hikes have slowed down considerably. You really want a bad salary hike since you had promised yourself a car for this year. No other company is going to offer you a job. What do you do?

Case 6: You are the module leader for a very important module of a big project. You are bored for sometime now and don’t feel that too many people are giving importance to what you say or do. To make sure you get some immediate attention on yourself, what do you do?

Please feel free to post your answers in the comments section. Answers basically should reference real life scenarios (either from politics or sports or cinema) surrounding you in India…


Archana Raghuram said...

Interesting questions, more interested in the answers. You know the answer to the last question, don't you :-)

Jeeves said...

Yes i know one possible answer to the last one. Here are the answers originally thought of though!!!

The Answers

Case 1: Threaten that the whole team will be in "important" conference calls throughout the entire day. That way the whole day is gone. You have thus accomplished the purpose of the strike and at the same time not been out of office during it. (Reference: Tamil Nadu chief minister during his October 1st “fasting”)

Case 2: Chickening out saying you were misquoted. You actually were telling saying that other module leaders were not doing anything, while project leaders were the ones who saved the project. (Reference: Mr. Ronen Sen, the Indian Ambassador to the US)

Case 3: Keep dilly-dallying on your joining that project by threatening to join different projects / changing companies even. At the same time keep giving a feeble hope that you will be glad to work under your new boss. Everyone will be confused what on earth is happening (Reference: Mr. Gowda’s games in Karnataka)

Case 4: Spend a lot of time privately / publicly on the new project. Even if you are spending some time on old project, act as if its some charity work you are doing and would like to get released. (Reference: World famous Ms. Rai shifting projects from short-term Mr. Oberoi to presumably long-term Mr. Bhachhan)

Case 5: Coax a few co-employees who are at least fit enough to join another company to resign and join a competing organization. Then your firm will fear you will also leave and will pay you more. (Reference: ICL vs.IPL and how BCCI has increased pay for Ranji players)

Case 6: Pull the plug on your module when there is a large integration piece that comes up. Question the fundamental idea behind the integration and ensure it gets postponed as much as possible. All the ruckus should shift the focus to you (Reference: Prakash Karat on the nuclear issue)

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